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Sourcing of parts, subassemblies and fully assembled products is a time consuming, yet necessary, activity for many companies. The efforts to lower costs and improve productivity have been elevated in importance and now represent a major priority for most companies. More companies are striving to get back to their “core competencies” and support for the outsourcing effort is one way to accomplish that end.

The possibilities for outsourcing are greater than ever before due to the emergence of global communications. The Internet has created a global community that allows companies to “shop” for the best prices, quickest delivery times and most agreeable terms. Many times, a small company in Ohio has the same buying power as a large company in Atlanta and an opportunity to act much quicker due to the lack of “inertia” and the ability to make decisions more quickly. The ability to negotiate is not always dependent upon purchase volume and / or company size.

At the present time, Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea and India seem to be the “hot beds” for low cost products. We tend to forget that other parts of the world, i.e. Brazil, Argentina, Central America and Mexico can also offer significant cost reductions with fewer barriers, depending upon the commodity. I am a firm believer in the fact that the United States is still the “icon” for quality, design and productivity in the world. We too often overlook “our own backyard” when feeling the need to re-source a commodity.

Cielo Technologies, LLC can help you with your sourcing needs. We will take the time consuming effort to provide you with options you can run with. Vendors, prescreened, can be found to meet your needs and provide quality products, at acceptable costs. We have test facilities to provide you with reliability data that will quantify the component or assembly prior to choosing a vendor so that you get the product you are promised and one that meets your specifications for product life.

Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do.

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