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Registered professional engineer actively involved with engineering program management, design of components and subassemblies and technical writing for US and foreign companies. Previously worked within Latin American and Caribbean countries to manage the design of cooking products for sale into Mexico, Central and South America. Experienced with design and program management for products entering the Middle East and Western Europe. Past experience includes designing and overseeing approval of gas and electric consumer products. Extensive experience with UL, CSA and IEC regarding agency approval for gas fired and electric cooking products. This experience includes all of the consumer literature supplied with the product(s).
Cielo Technologies          2005 to Present

Owner of Cielo Technologies LLC, engineering consulting firm specializing in outsourcing, engineering program management, design of consumer products, design of machines to automate manufacturing processes and technical writing. Published papers dealing with 1.) Gas Combustion, 2.) Reliability Engineering, 3.) Application of Adhesives and 4.) Development and Organization of Engineering Departments. Also publications dealing with the use of products and the assembly of products; i.e. 1.) User's Manuals, 2.) Installation Manuals,3.) Maintenance Manuals and 4.) Work Instructions. Involved with promoting "green projects" including: 1.) Carbon Sequestration; i.e. buying and selling carbon credits, 2.) Biomass "Farming", 3.) Investigation of patents and intellectual properties for possible licensing, and 4.) Engineering consulting to existing companies selling into environmental markets.

General Electric Appliances          1987 to January 2005

Senior Design Engineer, New Product Introduction
Responsible for overseeing the design and commercialization of residential gas and electric cooking products. Specializing in gas combustion systems, i.e. burners, distribution manifolds, safety valves, ignition / lockout harnesses, etc.

Engineering Program Manager for the Latin American Pole, Louisville, Kentucky.
Responsible for cooking product design and Code Board approval initiated by GEA Affiliates in Mexico and Brazil, i.e. MABE and DAKO. The responsibilities of this position also require making determinations effecting "Right Product / Right Country" decisions relative to the needs of the distribution network and the end user. An understanding of country codes is an absolute necessity for successful execution of these responsibilities. DAKO is an exporter to 56 different countries; knowledge of country codes for the countries of import, outside Latin America, is also a must.

Engineering Program Manager for MicroMod Wall Oven, Roper Corporation, LaFayette, Georgia.
NOTE: Roper Corporation is a GE company producing a variety of cooking products, i.e. freestanding ranges, slide-in ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, etc. located in LaFayette, Georgia. The effort for this activity involved program management responsibilities for the design and approval of double wall oven products for GE, GE Monogram and Sears. The lower oven is a 30-inch self-clean convection type with an upper microwave module purchased from Samsung of Korea. We also incorporated an electronic clock produced by Sanyo of Japan and The Robertshaw Company in the United States. The product was designed using six sigma methodologies and tested in accordance with GEA reliability guidelines. All products carry UL approval.

Program Manager for Sourced Products, Roper Corporation, LaFayette, Georgia.
Responsible for engineering approval of products sourced by GEA from suppliers such as Jenn Air, Magic Chef, Brown Stove, Watertown Metal Products, Broan, Dynamic Cooking Systems, etc. Within this capacity, I had responsibility for seeing that the products met all of the internal requirements of GE Appliances. This applies to design, third party approvals, safety, serviceability, design for six sigma and design for reliability. The products were branded products carrying the GE, GE Monogram, GE Profile, Hotpoint or Sears's name. Both gas and electric products were sourced. This responsibility included the necessity of making trips to the Middle East, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Jordan as well as Ecuador and Panama in support of distribution networks for GE.

Manger of Productivity for Roper Corporation of LaFayette, Georgia.
This responsibility involved managing a department of nine people responsible for reducing the manufactured cost of the product. This would very often involve redesign to consolidate or standardize assemblies; streamline manufacturing processes and work with vendors to cost reduce their components. We were also charged with the concept that "if you touch it you make it better". We were not to degrade the overall quality and, when possible, we were to improve the service call rate of the overall product but never worsen the existing service call rate.

Senior Agency Engineer, Roper Corporation, LaFayette, Georgia.
Responsible for obtaining approvals from AGA, UL and CGA in accordance with ANZI and Canadian standards. In this capacity, I handled all of the correspondence, including submittals, between the test agencies and the Roper Corporation. This involved insuring that all of the test work had been successfully accomplished in our evaluation laboratories and that we met all of the requirements of third party agencies. The position also involved overseeing inspections from the three test agencies.

Senior Project Engineer, Roper Corporation, LaFayette, Georgia.
Responsible for engineering gas and electric product for the US and Canadian markets.

Automation Engineering          1984 to 1987

Owner of Automation Engineering of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This company designed and fabricated machinery and equipment to automate manufacturing processes. We designed pick and place robots, conveyor systems, automatic drilling and sawing equipment and material handling equipment for transporting components and assemblies. We also designed a variety of hold down fixtures for secondary operations and post-production work.

Redd-I Manufacturing, Inc.          1981 to 1984

Manager of engineering responsible for overseeing design of gas and electric zone heating systems. This company designed products for residential and commercial applications where forced air heating was required. The products ranged from 10 KW to 2.5 million KW in capacity. Redd-I also manufactured a line of heaters for heat pump application.

W. L. Jackson Manufacturing Company, Inc.          1970 to 1981

V.P. of Engineering responsible for the design of residential and commercial gas and electric water heaters, hydropneumatic tanks and tertiary treatment filter systems. Responsibilities included overseeing the design, testing, agency approvals and structuring the users' manuals and parts lists for product designed and produced in three manufacturing plants within the United States. Also responsible for working with and obtaining approvals for products going to various countries, i.e. Canadian Gas Association, Watson House (England), Dutch Gas Institute (Holland), etc. We also developed products that represented a departure from traditional designs such as solar water heaters, waste heat recovery systems for refrigeration processes, pebble bed storage heat recovery systems, etc.

United States Air Force          1966 to 1970

Served in the US Air Force Logistics Command, ballistic systems, as a project engineer working on the Titan II and Minuteman ICBM systems. Responsibilities included coordination with various vendors, i.e. AeroJet General, Boeing, Hughes, etc. in updating systems and keeping the thrust chamber and turbopump assemblies mission ready for SAC. Honorable discharge as Captain.

Graduate Mechanical Engineer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Minor in Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Chattanooga State Technical College, various courses in Spanish, computer science and electronics, approximately 40 hours.
Worked towards an MBA, University of Chattanooga, approximately 15 hours.
"Green Belt" in Six Sigma methodologies, General Electric Company
Course work in Reliability Testing (SIE 509) University of Arizona sponsored by GE Appliances, 3 credit hours.
Reliability Fundamentals and Testing, GE courses "A", "B" and "C
Design and Production of Plastic Parts for the Appliance Industry
Front Line Leadership, Zinger-Miller


Registered Professional Engineer, by test, State of Tennessee, 1974
Order of the Engineer, Tennessee Chapter
Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Private Pilot, Fixed Wing.
Conversant in Spanish
. Excellent computer skills (MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint)


"Fundamentals of Gas Combustion" ( M273)
"Reliability Engineering" (G238)
"E-PMSRA Engineering Program Management" (P181)
"Fundamentals of Adhesives" (G257 )
"Light-Cure Adhesives" ( In Process )

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