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Companies run on paper!!!

The promise of computer-driven "paperless" work force has not materialized to any great extent, especially for companies involved with the manufacturing and assembly of a product. We still depend upon the "hand-held" written word for most transfer of information. Critical to this process are:

1) Work Instructions
2) Product Use and Care Manuals
3) Product Installation Instructions
4) Trouble-shooting Manuals
5) Warranty Information

Experts in our CIELO "family" have years of experience with the writing of technical literature to instruct, explain, trouble-shoot, etc. product and process information. We use embedded digital photographs and graphics to support the written word. No longer can any company solely depend upon text to demonstrate an assembly or instruction. We support English, Spanish and French and can provide literature that will satisfy those needs for the transfer of information. WE CAN HELP!!!!!

Professional engineers, in thirty-five plus states, are required to maintain "continuing education credits" or PDH units. This ensures the state examining boards that the individual engineer is making an effort to keep abreast of the ever-changing advances in his or her field. These credits may be obtained in a verity of ways; 1.) On-site seminars, 2.) Webinars, 3.) University or Technical School courses, 4.) DVD or CD publications and 5.) Courses offered via the internet; i.e. PHDonline, Red Vector, etc.

Cielo Technologies, LLC has published fourteen (14) courses through www.PDHonline.com, as follows:

     "Fundamentals of Gas Combustion" Course Number M273
     "Reliability Engineering" Course Number G238
     "Engineering Program Management Course Number P181
     "Adhesives" Course Number G257
     "Light-Cure Adhesives" Course Number G263
     "Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)" Course Number M347
     "Design of Atmospheric Gas Burners" Course Number M367
     "RFID Technology" Course Number G344
     "Ignition Sources for Atmospheric Gas Burners" Course Number M370
     "Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing" Course Number M383
     "Writing Effective Work Instructions" Course Number G373
     "Engineering Tribology" Course Number M427
     "Tribology" Course Number M498
     "Industrial Safety" Course Number G473

Weblog for Cielo Technologies, LLC
You may find weekly updates and areas of interest in my Weblog (Blog). Please log in to http://www.cielotech.wordpress.com. I will be posting articles relative to engineering education, breaking technologies, political activities involving engineering and engineering education and other topics I hope may become interested in. I also intend to concentrate on international developments that influence our scientific and engineering efforts in the USA.

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