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29 April 2015

Cielo Technologies, LLC recently completed a project to structure a manufacturing work cell incorporating a "Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm" or SCARA robot. There are generally two types of robot assemblies; 1.) SCARA and 2.) Cartesian. The SCARA type is a single pedestal system that can be designated for four axis movement. They are almost always used for "pick and place" activity. Our work at Cielo involved the selection, installation and initial operation for the purpose of dispensing one-part adhesive onto a painted control panel.

Cielo Technologies, LLC has been involved in the design, fabrication, certification and start-up of a 720 square foot clean room facility. This facility uses five high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and two air ionizers for reducing the particulate count and size to obtain ISO 8 classification. The facility is certified for class 100,000.

Cielo Technologies, LLC just completed work to obtain Underwriters' Laboratory approval for eleven (11) LCD flat glass panel assemblies and nine (9) curved glass LCD control panel assemblies. All of these panels required assembly within the clean room mentioned above.

Cielo Technologies, LLC has completed fifteen (15) courses for PDHonline. These courses are designed to give the professional engineer choices relative to "continuing education credits" necessary for registration. These courses are as follows:

     1.) "Fundamentals of Gas Combustion"
     2.) "Reliability Engineering"
     3.) "Fundamentals of Adhesive Bonding"
     4.) "P-MSRA" (Engineering Program Management)
     5.) "Light-Cure Adhesives"
     6.) "Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)"
     7.) "Design of Atmospheric Gas Burners"
     8.) "RFID Technology"
     9.) "Ignition Sources for Atmospheric Gas Burners"
     10.) "Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing"
     11.) "Writing Effective Work Instructions
     12.) "Engineering Tribology"
     13.) "Tribology"
     14.) "Industrial Safety"
     15.) "Machine Vision"

Cielo Technologies, LLC has completed the design and fabrication of a work cell to dispense RTV silicone adhesive for the assembly of an oven door used on wall ovens. This project involves the use of a Cartesian two-axis robot controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC).

We all at Cielo Technologies, LLC are extremely interested in the education, or lack thereof, engineering students receive during their university years. In working with recent graduates, there is definitely some degree of unpreparedness, not just inexperience, but a real lack of understanding. For this reason, we will be working with various universities and and secondary schools that will highlight areas of concern. We do this through a "blog" published through WordPress.com. The site is www.cielotech/wordpress.com. We cover issues involving STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. We also manage a message board provided by "Design News Daily". This is an on-line engineering news letter that strives to keep engineering professionals updated on a daily basis relative to breaking news in engineering fields.

Cielo Environmental, LLC has been formed to lend efforts to improve designs relative to providing a cleaner environment. One such effort is the design and fabrication of on-board hydrogen generation. Another effort is the design and installation of a CNG (compressed natural gas) station. This station will be used to lessen the cost of transporting commodities from point to point. The first station will be completed by the end of fourth quarter 2015.

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