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Cielo Technologies LLC has formed a company called Cielo Environmental, LLC. "Technologies" is the "umbrella" company for Environmental, LLC. Environmental will provide R & D services to aid finding solutions to environmental problems existing due to manufacturing processes and other commercial ventures. The sole purpose of Cielo Environmental is to lessen the impact of products and processes upon our fragile environment. Currently, active projects are as follows:

Green Battery - This 12 Volt battery has a Ph of 7 thus making it neutral as far as the electrolyte. The performance characteristics; i.e. Cold-cranking amps, Amp- hours and Internal resistance are definitely superior to standard batteries now on the market. Also, the green battery is fully capable of decomposition in a landfill.
Generation of Biomass to Fuel - This process can actually provide fuel with a heating value satisfactory to power a furnace, gas turbine or automobile.
Storage of Methane Using Clathrate Hydrate Process - Working with Mississippi State University on project. Methane crystals are formed in the process to facilitate storage and transportation.
Carbon Sequestration of Forests - Program takes advantage of the Western carbon credit trading program now in force
Gasification of Biomass Using Plasma Methodology
Generation of hydrogen (H2) using an on-board hydrogen generator to provide flow rates; i.e. CFM, necessary to blend with diesel fuel greatly improving miles per gallon usage. This process is our "transportation package" and included: 1.) Hydrogen generator, 2.) Electronic Control Module, 3.) Fuel valve monitoring flow rates and 4.) Necessary peripheral hardware and wiring.
Recover methane gas - Working with a company in Mexico to develop and provide methodology for recovering methane gas to be sold for commercial use.
Research and development for the production and commercialization of graphene.
Development and implementation of CNG (compressed natural gas) station.

These projects provide viable and ongoing solutions to environmental issues now affecting our planet. Our R & D efforts have already proven solutions are available with a satisfactory return on investment.

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