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Project Completions

Design and implementation of manufacturing work cell to incorporate SCARA robot for dispensing adhesives. These adhesives are used in the assembly of control panels for gas and electric ranges.
Design, fabrication, development and certification of Class 100,000 clean room for the assembly of LCD and LED control panels.
Completion of fifteen (15) papers published through PDHonline.org as training guides for professional engineers wishing to meet continuing education needs for their states.
Successful completion of program to design, test and prototype LPG conversion kits for countries in South America using butane gas.
Redesign of gas counterunit range to implement Isphording, Sourdillon and Mabe burner systems to selected models.
Application of safety shut-off valve to selected models of gas counterunit line.
IEC approval for gas freestanding range for Portuguese markets.
Design and laboratory testing of commercial gas water heaters for Dutch and Belgium markets.
Verification testing of GE gas dryer for Panamanian market.
Design and fabrication of material handling system for Oster Corporation.
Design and fabrication of high speed cut-off saw for unfired ceramic tubes.
Team member for design and commercialization of "all gas" slide-in range.
Testing and approval of gas counter-unit gas wall oven for Brazilian market.
Design, testing and approval for electric telescoping vent for range industry.
Testing and approval for twenty (20") and twenty-four (24") inch gas and electric freestanging range.
"Trouble Shooting" visit to GE distributors in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.
Visit to GE accounts in Qujito and Guayaquil, Ecuadore.
Sourcing of extension springs from China, India and Mexico.
Design of "assembly cell" for electric self-clean door locks.
Due diligence work for GE purchase of Brazilian company called DAKO. DAKO is located in Campanis, Brazil.
Technical assistance to MABE, Mexico for NPI ( New Product Introduction ).
Work for the Jamaican Bureau of Standards to accomplish necessary testing for sale of gas ranges into Jamaica.
Composition of numerous "Use and Care Manuals" Work Instructions, Installation Instructions and "Mini-Manuals" for gas and electric ranges, gas and electric water heaters and space heating systems.
Design, testing and approval of ASME Section IV 500,000 Btu/hr Hot Water Heating Boiler.
Design of solar collectors for residential water heating systems.
Design of pebble bed storage tank for solar water heating systems.
Design of 30 port aluminized "upshot" residential gas fired burner water heating systems.
Design of automatic machine to "size" internal diameter of aluminum tubing for playground equipment.
Design, setup and reliability testing of gas components gas assemblies for domestic range products.
Sourcing and reliability testing of thermistor temperature sensing system.
Completion of work cell to dispense RTV silicone adhesive for assembly of oven door brackets.
Completion of evaluation lab testing for gas-fired range chosen for sale to Taiwan.
Program management for mechanism to polish and "grain" stainless steel control panel.
Completion and fabrication of design for bracket centering mechanism.
Development of "green battery" that completely replaces existing batteries using sulfuric acid electrolyte.
Design and development of "on-board" fuel generator to significantly improve mileage of 300 and 400 HP diesel trucks.
Design and installation of four (4) additional robotic work cells to dispense adhesive and provide cost savings to manufacturing processes.
Engineering effort to establish installation of CNG (compressed natural gas) station.

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