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Core Competencies

Every organization has "some things” they do better than others. Just like every gourmet chef has a dish, or dishes, that he or she becomes famous for. Ones they just love to impress everyone with. Companies are no different and those core competencies result from the abilities and experiences of the employees who work for the firm. To get good at what you do, generally means you enjoy the work; it’s a challenge and you never tire of applying your abilities to the task at hand. At Cielo Technologies, LLC, we have “things” we do well. Some of those are listed below, with a brief description of our involvement.

· Gas burner and gas combustion systems. We have specialized in the design of gas burner systems and gas distribution systems for over 40 years. All of our experience results from years of service in the appliance industry; water heaters, residential heating systems and ranges.
· Our experience encompasses residential and commercial systems.
· Familiarity with residential and commercial water heaters and cooking products from companies in Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim.
· Experienced with IEC codes and standards.
· Experienced with UL and CSA codes and standards.
· Experienced with NPI (New Product Introduction) best practices and program management to bring about the commercialization of a product.
· Six Sigma Green Belt. Trained in the Six Sigma methodology (DFSS) for designing components and assemblies.
· Reliability Practitioner. Trained in reliability test methods and reliability practices.
· Very familiar with vendors supplying components and assemblies on a global basis. Have led the sourcing efforts on a variety of individual components and assemblies.
· Very familiar with “due diligence” methodologies and philosophy as relates to mergers.
· Experienced with design of material handling systems for component and product movement.
· Jig and fixture design.
· Design of machinery to automate manufacturing processes.
· Technical writing and publications covering subjects such as Gas Combustion, Reliability Engineering, Adhesives and Engineering Program Management.

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